September 4th, 2015

good stuff, imperfections

snaptember 4

My therapist shares space with another therapist, in an old midcentury house in Ballard. Her partner does lots of impressive gardening in the front yard, both flowers and vegetables.

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I started PTSD treatment a few months ago. It's necessary and hard and sucky and awful and for the best. I often hate it, but I still go every week, because I need to. I don't want to spend the rest of my life debilitated by trauma. Now that I'm safe, and supported, and tremendously loved, I can do the work I need to do to get better. Falling in love with Mike and building this incredible relationship means I'm always looking towards the future.

No matter how hard it is, though, I always get to enter and leave through a magnificent garden, with roses, grapes, dahlias, lavender, tomatoes, strawberries, kale, and more. And that always makes everything feel a bit better.