the baffled queen composing hallelujah (sarrabellum) wrote,
the baffled queen composing hallelujah

Snaptember 8-12

So I am just no good at Snaptember, friends. Between wedding prep (only 8 days away, HOLY SHIT) and Vegan MoFo, I keep forgetting for days at a time. Maybe this year was not the year to try it.

Still, here are some photos. I'm surprised and pleased that they're not all of food.


Cinnamon chip shortbread and Mr. T(ea).


Blueberry cheesecake galette that I still can't believe I made (and my beautiful rolling pin).

Mike's patron saint of driving (this minifig lives on his dashboard). Let's hit it.

Summer's still hanging on here in Seattle.

It's my understanding that sea mammals love nothing more than washing cars.

Tomorrow we're taking the day off from, well, everything and taking a day trip to the coast. I need to put my feet in the Pacific. It's been a year, and I get antsy and sad. And we both really need the break - the ability to catch our breath from wedding stress, the time away from our everyday business... but mostly, time alone with just each other and nothing else. I can hardly wait.

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