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it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth

the minor fall and the major lift

the baffled queen composing hallelujah
One aspect of the backlash [against multiculturalism] is the accusation that those who advocate attention to oppression, culture, and diversity are trying to put us into a straitjacket of "political correctness".... This draws our attention to the discomfort of the privileged rather than to the pain of the oppressed. - Monica McGoldrick

I cannot be contained by 150 interests!: Summit K-12, shiny things, Sylvia, bubble wrap, art supply stores, Buddy Holly, vintage kitchenware, Mutts, Babeland, metal lunchboxes, Savage Chickens, Muppets, Pixar, Taschen, paper arts, vegan cosmetics, The Handmaid's Tale, zines, Pinata: Survival Island, community supported agriculture, Lost, Big Red Soda, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, altered books, happiness, Weird Al, Unshelved, They Might Be Giants, comics, Roseanne (the show, not the person), polka dots, Once and Again, Elizabeth Hay, art dolls, Nick Bantock, quail, really good falafel, used books, Dykes to Watch Out For, Vimto, Pee-Wee Herman, stability, Action Girl Comics, public transit, Alan McNiel, irises, independent bookstores, tall glasses of ice-cold tap water, Paula Begoun, planning my imaginary next trip to Paris, Vancouver (BC), Lazertran, snails, surrendering to geekdom, activism, daisies, vegan poutine, Carol Shields, R.E.M., Princess Leia, embroidery, Tom Lehrer, hats, hummingbirds, Guerrilla Girls, Scarlett Thomas, Trader Joe's extra-sour sourdough english muffins, arts & crafts fairs, the Sims, Newsradio, Joan Osborne, possums, Lake City (Seattle), Ilya Zomb, Hem, Roberta Gregory, tulips, vegan sushi with lots of ginger, liberal pinko commies, old yearbooks, DIY, avoiding passive-aggressive behaviors in myself and others, hot sauce, daffodils, Rose is Rose, sarcasm, Andi Watson, Just My Size Yoga, Freaks and Geeks, Glenn Miller, The Beatles, Fat Fancy!, Gerolsteiner, tempeh, the Space Needle (he's such a nice guy),
1950s fashion, ?!, acrylic paints, alphabetizing, amazing vegan food, armadillos, art, atheism, autumn, babies, being crabby, birds, black books, bloom county, board games, books, borderline personality disorder, brains, buffy the vampire slayer, buying other people's art, cackling, catherynne m valente, cats, cephalopods, changing my life, chickens, chub love, clever use of language, coffee, collage, crafting, crossword puzzles, dandelions, dar williams, daria, dbt, designing women, dictionaries, diners, dorothy parker, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dreaming of pink vespas, elephants, ephemera, eye roll of death, eyeglasses, farmers markets, fat activism, feminism, femorabilia, fiona apple, fits of nostalgia, flea markets, flights of fancy, found objects, french, futurama, garlic, geekery, getting better, ghost world, gilmore girls, grammar & spelling nitpickery, hating dan savage, intelligence, intersectionality, jasper fforde, jean kilbourne, jimmy stewart, joseph cornell, joy, judy blume, judy wise, kelly link, kinsey millhone, kissing, kitsch, le tigre, libraries, llamas, lloyd dobler, lorrie moore, love, luscious jackson, making art, mary janes, mental health, mermaids, missing paris, mixed media collage, moths, mst3k, naked philosophy, napping, nerds, overcoming fears, pacifism, pajamas, peonies, pet rats, pit bulls, pizza, pop culture trivia, powerpuff girls, purses, reading voraciously, really truly living, rem, reproductive rights, rilo kiley, riot grrrl, robots, rubber stamps, sassy magazine, schizopolis, seattle, seitan, silver jewelry, six feet under, skirts, sleater-kinney, smartypants, so many cardigans, social justice, spelling words backwards, sports night, spring, stranger things, sugar, tattle tale, tattoos, tea, the color pink, the pacific ocean, the postal service, the whedonverse, thrift stores, tofu, typewriters, used book stores, vegan cookbooks, vegan sorcery, veganism, veronica mars, vintage cookbooks, volkswagen squarebacks, women's studies, words, yoga